We are an empathy agency

We Tell Stories That Generate Empathy and Inspire People To Think, Feel and Take Action.


About Us

We develop and create emotionally engaging original content, providing a range of production and creative services. From ideation through production and post production, we craft stories that inspire people to think, feel and take action.

We are collaborative, nimble, and skilled at creating high quality content in a range of budgets, genres and formats.


Capabilities: Creative Ideation

We collaborate with you to craft compelling stories that put the human element first. Our creative ideation process begins with determining the storytelling approach and formats that will best connect with your audience and meet your needs, budget and distribution platforms.

  • Commercials

  • Brand Launch Videos

  • Web Series

  • Branded documentaries

  • Feature documentaries

  • Mini documentaries

  • Social Media Content & Campaigns

  • Social Impact Content & Campaigns


Capabilities: Production & Post-Production

We harness our production and post production experience, talent and high standards to create top quality work regardless of the budget and scope of the project. We build the best team for each project’s specific requirements, tapping into our network of top production creatives. This is how we are versatile, nimble and cost effective.

Our work ranges from scripted material with actors to studio shoots to verite documentaries. We are hands-on with all aspects of production and post-production, shepherding projects from pre-production through production and edit, including gfx, music, color, sound mixing and final deliverables.






Cheryl Miller Houser, Founder & CEO

Cheryl guides the company’s vision, values and creative output, applying her storytelling talent, passion and empathy to everything Creative Breed does. Along with co-founder Brian Egan, Cheryl drives the development and creative ideation of Creative Breed’s projects and takes an active role in every step of production and post-production. She also often directs the company’s work, with a strong ability to capture people’s emotional core.

Most recently Cheryl co-directed, produced and oversaw the distribution and marketing of Creative Breed’s feature documentary GENERATION STARTUP following recent college graduates launching startups in Detroit. She also created and directed the company’s MAD GENIUS TIPS, the hit web series for Food & Wine Magazine, nominated for a James Beard Award in 2016 and Chico’s successful fall campaign “Style My Way.”

Cheryl has deep experience producing and directing feature films, documentaries, web series, branded spots and other types of content. She started her career producing award-winning film and television, including David O. Russell’s first movie SPANKING THE MONKEY, winner of the Sundance Audience Award and Academy Award nominated documentary CHILDREN OF DARKNESS. From 2004 until 2011 Cheryl was Executive VP of Programming at nonfiction production company Atlas Media Corp where she helped create and oversaw hundreds of hours of lifestyle, historical, science and medical programming for leading cable broadcasters like Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, History Channel, The Food Network and others. This included DR G: MEDICAL EXAMINER, the top-rated show on Discovery Health and the hit Travel Channel series HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE.

Cheryl graduated from Brown University magna cum laude with a degree in Comparative Literature.


Brian P. Egan, Co-Founder & Head of Production

Brian guides Creative Breed’s production, applying his expertise in filmmaking to everything the company does.  Along with Founder Cheryl Houser, Brian drives the development and creative ideation of Creative Breed’s projects and takes an active role in every step of production and post-production.

Brian was instrumental in the production and distribution of Creative Breed’s feature documentary GENERATION STARTUP, acting as producer and associate editor of the film and helping create and oversee the branding, social media and distribution of the film. Brian produced and shot the hit web series MAD GENIUS TIPS and produced Chico’s fall campaign “Style My Way.” He brings keen insight, a commitment to excellence, and exceptional creative and technical talent to everything he does. An avid consumer of content, he intimately understands and reflects the 20-something generation he is a part of.

Brian is a graduate of Fairfield University where he majored in Film, Television and Media Arts.





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