We are a different breed of creative agency.

We work closely with our clients to understand their audience and form bonds through masterfully told storytelling. We apply our strategic approach and creativity across all platforms, from ideation through production, post-production and distribution. We assemble the very best team for each project and execute every project start to finish under one roof. That is how we are able to provide top production quality at reasonable cost.


What makes us different

All Under One Roof: We create compelling content from ideation through production, post production and distribution. We conceptualize and produce uplifting, emotionally engaging stories of all lengths, genres and budgets, distributed through a variety of platforms.

Custom Teams: We are small and scrappy on purpose, with a talented, multi-disciplinary leadership team. We build the perfect team for each project, choosing from a network of top creative specialists. This is how we can be versatile in the content we create and keep our overhead low so that we can put all of a client’s budget into creating top quality content.

Multi-platform Content Creation: We’re super excited about the ever-evolving landscape of media and marketing. We consider all platforms when conceptualizing ideas and strategically plan how to maximize the content we create, amplifying our clients’ ability to connect with their audience. Our holistic approach to content creation provides efficiencies and cost savings for clients and a consistency of messaging across platforms.

Engaged, Personal, Collaborative Approach: We care deeply about every project we take on and remain personally involved each step of the way.  We love what we do and infuse our work with passion and a collaborative spirit, ensuring that our clients and everyone involved in the production have a joyful, positive experience. 

Money on the Screen: We’ve proven through our past work that you don’t need a massive team or massive budget to create massive impact. We keep our overhead low in all the ways above. This is how we provide beautiful, engaging content at reasonable cost. 





We are small and scrappy on purpose, with a talented, multi-disciplinary leadership team. We build the perfect larger team to fit the specific requirements of each project, tapping into a network of top creative specialists whom we hire as needed.


Cheryl Miller Houser, Founder & CEO

Cheryl started her career producing award-winning, engaging stories for film and television.  Excited by the limitless power of storytelling in the digital age, she founded Creative Breed in 2013 to create compelling content across all media to engage viewers and inspire them to act.

Most recently Cheryl co-directed and produced the feature documentary GENERATION STARTUP following recent college graduates launching startups in Detroit. She also created and directed MAD GENIUS TIPS, the hit web series for Food & Wine Magazine, nominated for a James Beard Award in 2016.

Some of Cheryl’s earlier producing credits include David O. Russell’s first movie SPANKING THE MONKEY, winner of the Sundance Audience Award and Academy Award nominated documentary CHILDREN OF DARKNESS. From 2004 until 2011 Cheryl was Executive VP of Programming at Atlas Media Corp, a leading non-fiction production company, where she helped create and oversaw hundreds of hours of programming for many leading cable broadcasters including over 90 episodes of DR G: MEDICAL EXAMINER, the top-rated show on Discovery Health and the hit Travel Channel series HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE.

Cheryl graduated from Brown University magna cum laude with a degree in Comparative Literature. 


Brian P. Egan, Head of Development & Production

Brian has been with Creaitve Breed since its inception, helping to spearhead all of its projects. He is producer and associate editor of feature documentary GENERATION STARTUP and producer of the hit web series MAD GENIUS TIPS. He brings keen insight, a commitment to excellence, and exceptional creative and technical talent to everything he does. An avid consumer of content, he intimately understands and reflects the 20-something generation he is a part of.

Brian is a graduate of Fairfield University where he majored in Film, Television and Media Arts.